zondag 19 april 2009

A trip to Antarctic

A trip to Antarctic

Many tourists make a trip to Antarctic to behold the marvellous and astonishing beauty of this part of planet earth. Over the years the visits have risen from 6,700 in 1992-1993 to over 45,000 last season. Due to several cruise ship accidents which carried a risk of major contamination officials fear the preservation of Antarctic. In order to reduce the amount of tourists US has proposed to limit the size of cruise ships, and the number of tourists taken ashore. These limits have to be officially approved by each of the 28 nations who signed the Antarctic Treaty to become legally binding.
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The US proposals are a way of trying to narrow down the number of tourists, but the tourists should be confronted with their conscience.
The saying “See Rome before you die” obviously has changed into “See Antarctic before you die”. What is the urge of tourists to visit Antarctic? Through the years it has become clear that trips to Africa, Australia, and other far away destinies are not trendy anymore for Europeans. So why not make a trip to Antarctic. Have we not learned anything from the documentary Live Earth?
If we do care about the environment can we therefore sacrifice our trip to Antarctic? My answer to that question is yes!
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  1. To make a trip to Antarctic sounds indeed more interesting than to make a trip to the most common places and to places which are well known for tourists. Almost each European have seen the places like Africa, Australia, Indonesia and other far away destinies. These places are not that attractive anymore so people are always searching for other places to go to visit. So my reaction on this/your piece would be: Why not! The more exciting the better.

  2. It is a good idea to narrow down the number of tourists that visit Antarctica, because there are plenty alternatives to see astonishing nature. The nature of Africa, Australia, and other far away destinations is terrific and any European tourist who considers these destinations as not trendy enough should be ashamed of himself.