woensdag 13 mei 2009

Change fast, before we all gag on the fabric of British life

According to Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of Top Gear, British are good at doing nothing. First of all he starts by making comparisons with cars like the Mini and the Land Rover. If Mini had not been bought by BMW the design of the car would still have been the same. As he says, ‘Gramophones in a flat screen world’.
Tony Blair announced in 1998 that the Royal Navy needed new aircraft carriers.
It took about ten years for the government to sign a contract for new aircraft carriers. In order to get something done changes are inevitable. Britain needs to dispose of certain institutes. For starters the British government (read Labour Party).

As a presenter of a car program it is clear that he starts off by making comparisons with cars. Jeremy has a simple way of drawing your attention. He, actually, makes a statement by saying, ‘Labour Party, go home’. The way he does it is fabulous. As he says, ‘Anything becomes the fabric of your life if it hangs around long enough”. According to Jeremy it is time for the Labour Party to say goodbye, and not be a part of the government, for they have done no good at all.
A lot has been said and promised during the campaigns, but nothing has been realized. I do like his proposal at the end of the article by nominating things from British life that should be put in the dustbin.


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  1. How long has our government been debating about this infamous "JSF"? I can recall Pim Fortuyn making statements about this issue. It seems to me that this kind of long term decision making is not limited to the UK; it is in our human genes. I suspect that Mr. Clarkson never was a big fan of Labout, and will use any excuse to send them home.
    Good article, although you should watch your punctuation and paragraphing. The last sentence in you summary is not complete. You could have put a comma before "For starters", making one long sentence.