dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Change4Life not a maybe, but a must

According to a government survey most children do not exercise enough to keep themselves healthy and prevent obesity. More than 260,000 people in England responded to the Change4Life campaign poll. Nearly 72% of children do not exercise at all in the advised hour of daily activity outside school. Instead of being active many youngsters watch TV or play non-active video games before and after school. In order to stimulate youngsters to take part in exercising one has to come up with ways to make physical activity more fun. Being physically active reduces risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.
Change4Life has launched a campaign aimed at encouraging families to work together to improve their lifestyles. Families have been sent support packs designed to help them to make changes to their daily routine. An active lifestyle starts at home.

The current generation has it all. Things that we could only dream of is there for them to have. With all the good stuff like computers, I-pods, mp3players, play stations, etc, there is also another side to the wealth and easy life in the UK. A life of not exercising at all. Why should you join a club to play tennis or football? Staying at home behind the computer and chatting all day is priority number one. Getting to a higher level with your computer game is more fun.
A change in this way of living is a must and not a maybe. Parents, schools and the government should join together with Change4Life and do something about it.
My motto in live is: “By eating better and moving more, I can live longer and have a healthier life”.


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  1. Too many children are sitting too much time behind their computers. Parents should simply forbid their children to play computer games all day and schools should offer their pupils more sports activities. It is not a punishment to do sport, because doing sport is fun!