zaterdag 13 juni 2009

Patient died after having buttock fat injected into her face

Rachel Soanes, 37 year old, died at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Rachel who suffered from the condition lupus profondus, which left her with a usually thin face, died after cosmetic surgery when fat from her bottom was injected into a vein in her face. She had already done this procedure twice before, so she was familiar with this plumping treatment. The only difference was that the fat travelled into her lungs and resulted in embolism, or blockage in the arteries.
Pathologist Professor Lucas said that he had never seen such embolism in more than 30 years. Even though the staff did not assist immediately, nothing could save Rachel Soanes for it was a ‘phenomenally rare’ complication when the fat got into her lungs.

When you think you can rely on science it fails you. Miss Soane’s sister, asked the doctor why her sister was not told of the dangers of the procedure. The doctor told her: ‘It was not a known risk.’ This was not a woman who wanted to look prettier, a woman who was not satisfied with her appearance. No, this was utterly necessary. The other two times everything went perfect only the last time it really was her last time. It is a pity she had to come to her end in this way. My heart goes out to her sister and other family members.

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