zaterdag 13 juni 2009

Why am I dark, daddy?

Keith and Catherine, a white couple who lives in Northern Ireland, received mixed race children after an IVF treatment. Keith, who has zero sperm caused by a testicular cyst, and Catherine, who had polycystic ovaries were candidates for IVF. They specifically asked for ‘White Caucasian’ donor sperm, but Catherine’s eggs were fertilized by ‘Caucasian Cape Coloured’ sperm which resulted in two coloured children. Susan has a slightly light skin but Michael has a darker skin. The hospital phoned after three years to inform the family that something had gone wrong. Because of the mental and social discomfort Keith and Catherine will sew the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. This will be the first legal case of its kind in Britain.

Again you rely on science and you end up being damaged. Keith and Catherine did not want their friends and family to know that they were having children by IVF. Their children do not know that they were conceived through IVF. Children are not stupid, so especially Michael keeps asking questions concerning his colour. As for Susan her skin is light. I do think that people will keep on making remarks so you cannot stop that. The hardest part is to explain it to the kids. I think they should do it before the trial starts. If not, the damage will be enormous.

P.S.: Read the article! My summary is way too short.

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