woensdag 3 juni 2009

Grieving couple ‘jumped off Beachy Head carrying their dead son’

Neil Puttick, 34, and his wife, Kazumi, 44 could not cope with the death of their son Samuel, who was 5 years old. Samuel had been suffering from pneumococcal meningitis. When there was no hope of him recovering he was released from hospital at his parent’s request. Later that evening, at 8 pm, he was declared dead at his home by a doctor. Neil and Kazumi placed the body of their dead son in a rucksack and jumped off Beachy Head ending both their lives.
The Eastbourne Coastguard discovered the bodies on their routine clifftop patrol.

A very sad, sad story. I had to read the story over and over again to try and comprehend what had happened. According to their neighbours, the Putticks gave 150% for their son. Samuel had suffered serious spinal injuries in an accident about three years ago. His parents still had hope that he would be healed. In the end there was no hope at all and he died. What a tragedy. Words cannot express the grieve both parents had. Obviously they could not cope with so much pain and decided to commit suicide. My heart goes out to their family, friends and loved ones.

www. guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/jun/02/beachy-head-suicide-couple

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  1. What a horrible story! First the death of their son, that is incredibly sad. Then the incident that followed it. I cannot imagine how their family and friends must feel, after losing an entire family at once. They must be in absolute shock right now.